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  1. Extreme Couponing Tips – Using Discount Coupons for Free Groceries
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  3. How to Start Couponing for Beginners: Guide - Thrifty Nomads
  4. What is extreme couponing?

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Extreme Couponing Tips – Using Discount Coupons for Free Groceries

How to Shop for Free may earn affiliate commission from our posts. Here is a list of our favorite coupon clipping websites.

Take a look at this. You can also leave coupons on the shelf at the store, or pass them to friends or family members. Handing coupons to friends, leaving unused or unwanted coupons at the grocery store, giving coupons as presents, or having a coupon exchange club is legal and ethical. Back before coins and paper money were invented, people traded in goods. The milk acted as currency — money — that you traded for the pelts. And trading goods for goods lasted until money was invented. Everyone on the planet has to either sell something or produce something and exchange it for money or more goods.

Manufacturers put that disclaimer on every coupon because they want to control which coupons, and how many of those coupons, are used in a particular marketing area. What if they live in another state, or clear across the country? The point is, everybody would like to be able to legally control a lot of things in life. The simple fact is, there are no real laws against buying or selling coupons.

Thoroughly confused? At The Happy Couponer Marketplace, shipping is always free. Small price to pay, you say? We frequently have customers order , or more coupons on one single order and shipping is still always free. You pay only for the coupons you order. The Coupon Clippers is just one coupon clipping service operating out of one location.

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To be able to offer a wider variety of coupons they order whole inserts from different marketing regions across the US. They pass those costs off to you, each time you place an order. The Happy Couponer Marketplace is a collection of multiple coupon clipping services, each operating from their own location, in marketing areas across the United States. Each vendor has his or her own source for inserts. This enables us to offer you a wider selection of all the best coupons without having to pay those acquisition costs.

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Before you know it those dollars start adding up. This Klip2Save review will focus on their shipping and handling fees. Multiple orders means multiple shipping fees. Most coupon clipping services, Klip2Save included, have a limit on the amount of time you can hold coupons in your cart without paying for them.

Extreme Couponers - Extreme Givers

This time limit is in place for several reasons:. Savvy couponers who regularly shop online clipping services are aware of this shopping cart time limit. At The Happy Couponer Marketplace our shipping is always free. No matter how many orders you place, no matter how large or small the order.

How to Start Couponing for Beginners: Guide - Thrifty Nomads

Place one order, place two orders or place ten — and many of our customers do — and your shipping charges will always be the same — FREE. You need to place your order as soon as you find that coupon or you run the risk of losing it. Well, wonder no more.

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  • Coupon values often vary from one marketing region to another. They also understand that if they want to make their customers happy they better find it. In the coupon world profit margins are already understandably narrow. And, because coupon values are relatively low compared to other products you buy online, it stands to reason that profits are also relatively low.

    What is extreme couponing?

    In order to offer their customers those higher-value coupons from other marketing regions they have to pay a supplier in that other region to find and ship them the inserts. Think about how many orders you place each week. The difference is this:. We have coupon clippers located in every major marketing region in the United States. Not only do we eliminate our cost of acquiring the coupons, we eliminate those extra shipping charges to get that stock, too. The Happy Couponer Marketplace never charges a shipping fee.

    Consequently, instead of spending time browsing the site for all the coupons they want, most experienced coupons place and pay for multiple single-item orders to ensure they get those hot coupons. At The Happy Couponer Marketplace our shipping is always free, regardless of how many coupons you order or how many orders you place during your shopping trip. Then you go back and place a fourth order for all of your regular coupon needs.