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Pump-Action Shotguns. Handedness: Right. Barrel Length: 28". Features and Benefits Pump action with 4-round capacity 12 gauge, 28" vent-rib Remington choke barrel with a matte black, nonreflective metal finish Wood-laminated stock with a satin finish Receiver is machined from a solid block of steel SuperCell recoil pad. More Daily Gun Deals Ammoland Editors are scouring the web to find you the deal that will save you money.

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Remington Magazine Extension Top Deals & Lowest Price |

Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. Vote Up 0 Vote Down. Also in one week rusted red in entirety. The finish is garbage and the machining spotty.

Search results for "remington 870"

My flex did not experience any of these problems and was pristine. The also feels much more solid than the …Idk what two shotguns are being compared here…maby a 30 year old Mossberg and the one Remington that passed QC?

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The 37 is solid, but I have a serious complaint about the bottom eject. I like it since I like to switch up shooting from left and right shoulder. Man I can feel the fanboyism from here The mossberg feels like its going to fall apart?

ASA Commemorative M24

You gotta be shitting me. The loose tolerances on the slide. If you really want to cheap out get a Pardner Pump. Already given a glowing review in TTAG. I will grant that a pistol grip would preclude its use, but for now they seem to work pretty well. Makes that consideration a whole lot harder. I have had my Mag Express since and its still running like a champ. Felt nice in my hands. It had a telescoping stock, pistol grip and ghost ring sights.

The older one has gone in the lake at least three times before I owned it and had nary a spot of rust on it, even though the previous owner never cleaned it. They are definitely good go-to guns. I run a mossberg security field combo. The machine marks caused it to lock up so badly we had to take a 30 minuite break to get it open.

Then the extractor broke.

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After getting those repaired it was still running like junk so he just replaced it with a bottom ejecting browning shotgun. Having put about rounds through both systems on trap I find that the is a bit less balanced and the action is a bit more stiff. Just my take on it. I did not read every comment, so if someone mentioned this already, my mistake. I had this problem with my Remington express tactical, so i called Remington customer support, and told them the problem i was having, and about the MIM extractor, they gladly sent me a forged steel extractor, free of charge, no questions asked!

Remington customer support has your back with this. I tested the new extractor a few times with a spent shell, and it throws it much further that the MIM.

Mossberg 590 vs Remington 870

Call them up, better free than paying 20 bucks for it online plus shipping! Ryan — how does one tell the difference between the two types of extractors? Thanks, Dave. Loved my Remington gauge. It would occasionally choke extracting an empty casing, but never failed to fire. TTAG, could you do a review on the other guns that got lifted from my safe?

That would stir up even more sentimental, fond memories. The you bought looks very much like the P for police. My Express Magnum still runs like a champ. If I want to shoot a fast, cheap shotgun, the Mossberg is the way to go. I recently ought a HD shotgun, looked at the , , but bought the Benelli, just fit me better. I took an in trade last year. I put three boxes of military buckshot and a whole box of cheap 8 birdshot without any issues. This spring I decided to make the shotgun more fun.


I found an The ATI extension is about a quarter inch shorter than the I put a leftover sling on it and now have it as one of my HD guns. If I ever decide to go hunting I can just swap barrels and pull the extension off and add a plug. Mossberg felt like it was going to fall apart? Mine has consistently been the exact opposite, where as the 8 or so have always felt sharp in the bolt release, and the stroke chattered like the action bars had burrs. Old comment, but i see this comment often.

In my experience its been entirely untrue. My wingmaster from the mid 70s is much stiffer than my freedom group express. Both have been equally reliable. I got a chuckle out of this. Yes, it does feel that way — and it will still feel that way after flawlessly firing thousands of rounds. Go figure. I now have a new in 20 gauge thanks Dad! Ran 2 boxes of ammo through it last week to shoot skeet as its first action, no problems at all other than accuracy and not having a skeet choke! The only potential issue I see is the fore grip seems to be tighter to the receiver on the left, and is rubbing a bit, looking at it from above you can see slack on the right side and snug on the left side.

I was going to see about taking that off and maybe take some sandpaper to it. I bought a beautifully blued Remington Police Magnum. My has nearly k rounds through it. It was run over length wise in the mud and gravel of a silverado ext cab. My choice was a Maverick 88, due to the layout of the controls since replicated on the Winchester models.

I could shut my eyes and operate all of them easily without moving my hand grip. It was easier to swing through an arc alloy receiver and just felt better to use. The slide release is also much better on the Maverick, operated with the second finger, without groping somewhere forward like on the The ease of reloading the Maverick is a bonus. The slide operation may not be as slick as a top of the line Wingmaster, but neither is the price.

You and I are very like minded. A five-star overall rating for a gun made by the Freedom Group? Are you sure it was a Remington you reviewed? There are lighter ones, too.